Tom Allison tallison at
Sun Jul 18 00:02:43 CEST 2004

Dave Stubbs wrote:
> Hello all,
> First off, I love bogofilter.  I get almost 300 spams a day and just 
> don't worry about it.
> However, I have one question.  My email comes in through a vpn from a 
> store-and-forward to my linux server that runs bogofilter.  If for some 
> reason the vpn goes down for a while, a bunch of mail piles up on the 
> store-and-forward server, and then comes flooding in once the vpn comes 
> up again.  When this happens, a bunch of obvious spam, that bogofilter 
> would normally catch, gets into my inbox.  If I look at the headers, I 
> don't see any X-Bogosity lines, which seems to indicate that procmail 
> failed to push those messages through bogofilter.  Since it only happens 
> during floods like that, I'm wondering if the wordlist database has a 
> limit on concurrent accesses.
> Would anyone know what this limit is?

procmail locking?
verbose logging in procmail?

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