problems upon upgrade

jerry jondola at
Thu Jul 29 00:29:28 CEST 2004

hey list:
I have been using bogofilter for quite sometime, and am very pleased with the 
selectiveness (is that a word) with dealing with spam. 

I just upgraded from bogofilter- to bogofilter-0.92.0 yesterday, July 
27 2004
I had not bothered to upgrade in the past for several reasons, chief among 
them was, if it works, don't fix it, well I tried to fix it and needless to 
say it's broke.
I had gone to the sourceforge web site, read most of the relevant info, but 
was not able to get to the man page, prior to the upgrade, read some of the 
archived emails, didn't see all that many problems with the upgrade, so I 
went for it.

With version 0.92.0 here is the error I am recieving, when using:

bogofilter -Q
Error - bad parameter 'strict_check=no'
Error - bad parameter 'thresh_index = 0'
Error - bad parameter 'thresh_stats = 0.0'
Error - bad parameter 'thresh_rtable = 0.0'
Error - bad parameter 'algorithm=fisher'
# bogofilter version 0.92.0

robx        = 0.415000  # (4.15e-01)
robs        = 0.001000  # (1.00e-03)
min_dev     = 0.375000  # (3.75e-01)
ham_cutoff  = 0.500000  # (5.00e-01)
spam_cutoff = 0.500000  # (5.00e-01)
ns_esf      = 1.000000  # (1.00e+00)
sp_esf      = 1.000000  # (1.00e+00)

block_on_subnets  = no
charset_default   = us-ascii
replace_nonascii_characters = no
stats_in_header   = yes
thresh_update     = 0.000000
timestamp         = yes

terse             = no
spam_header_name  = X-Bogosity
spam_subject_tag  = 
unsure_subject_tag = 
header_format     = %h: %c, tests=bogofilter, spamicity=%p, version=%v
terse_format      = %1.1c %f
log_header_format = %h: %c, spamicity=%p, version=%v
log_update_format = register-%r, %w words, %m messages
spamicity_tags    = Yes, No, Unsure
spamicity_formats = %0.6f, %0.6f, %0.6f

I went into my /home/ and commented out the relevent error 
lines, as depicted above, and now this morning I have no emails that are not 
labeled as spam, all have been deleted, as per my procmail rules.
Prior to this upgrade, using, fetchmail, procmail, and mutt were 
working flawlessly.

For the time being, I have disabled fetchmail and freinds, and am using kmail.

A perusal thru the man page and associated doc's doesn't reveal the area I 
need to look at.

What am I missing, and where, or a how to fix solution would be appreciated.

Thanks for all the work involved with this great program.


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