X-Bogosity and thresh_update.

Tom Eastman tom at celleste.no-ip.org
Fri Jul 16 13:48:26 CEST 2004

On Friday 16 July 2004 23:37, Tom Anderson wrote:
> That's not really necessary.  The X-Bogosity line will tell you the
> spamicity, and your config will tell you the thresh_update, so you can
> easily determine yourself whether or not it was registered.  If your
> thresh_update is 0.01, then you'll know not to use -N or -S for any
> spamicity >0.99 or <0.01.


In fact, in the end I went a little more extreme then that.

I set my thresh_update to 5e-7, that's 0.0000005

Because the spamicity defaults to 6 decimal places precision, having the spam 
threshold set that low means that any spam that has 1.000000 or 0.000000 in 
the header wasn't updated.  Anything that has any other digits must have been 
updated on arrival.  :-)


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