how to train with maildir?

Tom Anderson tanderso at
Thu Jul 22 09:09:47 EDT 2004

From: "Trevor Smith" <trevor at>
> your email is probably the best suggestion (and it might have been the
> suggestion that I read of a long time ago) but it looks like you could
> "filter" messages just with kmail.
> there is a "pipe through" filter action in kmail that says it feeds an
> message to a program and if that program produces output, replaces the
> original message (including headers) with the output.

Cool, that would be a good way to do it.  If you set this up, maybe you can
forward the details of doing so for possible inclusion in the FAQ.
Bogofilter is generally used on the server-side, but I'd imagine there are
others looking for a client-side solution too.

> Getting back to your comment though, I have no idea how to set up sendmail
> send my emails (if it's even possible on a computer that is just a
> single-user laptop). It appears to be running but messages just disappear
> into the ether. I looked at qmail, but don't have a clue how to start.
> Procmail? Also no idea.
> Are these things I *should* investigate? Or are these things that are
> Bad Ideas" for users who are NOT system admins for large organizations?

If you can call bogofilter directly from kmail, there would be no need
(unless you have a static IP and want to host your own domain and email for
that domain).  If you did want to do so, it's not terribly difficult.
There's no reason you couldn't do it from a laptop.  You'd have to consult
the appropriate documentation/lists/forums for that software for help.  It's
definitely overkill for a single-user client though.


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