obsolete and unknown options

David Relson relson at osagesoftware.com
Thu Jul 29 23:58:33 CEST 2004

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 15:45:23 -0400
Matt Garretson wrote:

> David Relson wrote:
> > Recognize obsoleted options and complain about them, but don't quit.
> > This will allow people with old config files and procmail/maildrop
> > scripts to run with no problem worse than annoying messages on
> > stderr. Updating of scripts and config file will remove the annoying
> > messages.
> I'm no expert, but imagine that that would be safer than just
> quitting.
> Or, how about switching to a special (new) mode in which a
> spamicity of 0.000000 is always reported?  That way, no mail will
> be lost (AFAICT), but the sudden increase in spam might prompt
> the sysadmin to investigate, thus hopefully seeing that he or she
> needs to tweak bogofilter's config.  :)
> Note, i'm at least half-kidding about that idea.  But heck, maybe
> it would work?


Likely it'd work.  An enhancement would be to make the X-Bogosity line

X-Bogosity: No, spamicity=0.000000, option error encountered,

or something.


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