[was: problems upon upgrade]

jerry jondola at
Thu Jul 29 16:24:33 CEST 2004

On Thursday 29 July 2004 03:43 am, you wrote:

> Jerry,
> I see several problems in the snippet above.  First, the "-f" flag is no
> longer accepted by bogofilter and causes it to exit.  (Try running your
> bogofilter command "/usr/bin/bogofilter -f -p  -u -l -e -v" from the
> command line).  Second, the procmail recipe doesn't include any error
> recovery, which makes it possible for a bogofilter error to lose mail.
> Lastly, the "* ? bogofilter" line runs bogofilter a second time, which I
> think is unnecessary.

Ok, just tried a couple run thrus using the -f option and it seems to accept 
that option with no problems.

I do have the error checking code in .procmailrc file, and its after each 
filter recipe, just didn't include it


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