how to train with maildir?

Trevor Smith trevor at
Wed Jul 21 23:13:19 CEST 2004

Two questions, actually:

1. the faq says bogofilter understands mbox and maildir formats. But maildir 
(as my KMail folders all are by default) format contains one unique file for 
each message, all in a directory. I don't have a clue how to get them 
redirected into bogofilter. You can't do 'bogofilter -s < dir_name_here' and 
you can't do 'bogofilter -s < *' or even 'bogofilter -s < "*"' (possibly 
because files are named like 1089949955.2921.KXmfI:2,S).

Any suggestions?

2. I seem to recal reading a long time ago how to set up bogofilter with 
kmail. I am a single user on my laptop and I'm getting my mail through pop3 
servers and just want a quick, accurate way to scan incoming messages to sort 
out the roughly 99% spam (like 300-400 spam per day / a couple non spam) and 
bogofilter seems like a good option.

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