matching multiple lines

Fred Yankowski fred at
Wed Jul 21 22:34:20 CEST 2004

On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 02:28:50PM -0700, .rp wrote:
> Well I know you can find tabs in headers but think it would be quite
> a leap to get procmail to join lines together.

I don't quite follow what you are saying, but it turns out to be
fairly easy to construct procmail patterns that match over multiple
consecutive lines.  Attached is an example script that I use (that
script having nothing to do with bogofilter).

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* 1^0 ^Content-Type: multipart/
* 1^0 ^From:.*\<mailer-daemon@
* B ?? ^Content-Type:.*application/octet-stream.*($[	 ])?.*name="?\/[^"]+
    # Message has attachment of type octet-stream with a bad name
    LOG="notice: bad attachment name: $MATCH
    * ^X-Whitelist: Yes


# NOTES:  Content-Type headers inside the document body typically have
# their 'name' attribute on the following line, so the pattern above
# allows for such continuation (per Bill Wohler <wohler at>).
# Only multipart messages have real attachments, but we also match
# messages from 'mailer-daemons' that include such attachment data in
# their body (when they echo the content of the rejected message).

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