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On 20 Jul 2004 at 12:07, Boris 'pi' Piwinger wrote:

> Peter Bishop said:
> > Does anyone know if you can match more
> > than one line of email text with a single procmail "*" command?
> AFAIK you can't.
> > I need it to cover cases where an email header line
> > is split over several lines, (with tabs on continuation lines)
> No need to do it. It is joined automatically.

Apparently it doesn't for attachment info that is not in the main

However have now found the email I was lookingi for
(see below) - it seems to work OK

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Fred Yankowski <fred at> writes:

> # NOTES:  
> Content-Type headers inside the document body typically have
> # their 'name' attribute on the following line.  
> Since this is not in the > # header of the message, 
> procmail does not fold these lines together,
> # and so there is no way to be sure that we are matching the name
> # attribute that is associated with a content-type of
> # application/octet-stream.  We get a false-positive match on a
> # message with multiple attachments, one of type
> # application/octet-stream and another with one of the bad names.  
> # Oh well.

You could use the $ regexp to match a newline. The following rule
matches whether the name (or filename) parameter is on the same line 
as the Content-Type or Content-Disposition header field or not and 
doesn't care about the actual content type. Note that that parameter 
is "filename" in the Content-Disposition header field.

    :0 B:
    * ^Content-Transfer-Encoding:.*base64
    * ^Content-(Type|Disposition):.*$?.*name 

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