bogofilter-0.92.2 - new current and TXN releases

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Thu Jul 15 04:01:23 CEST 2004

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1. bogofilter 0.92.2 announced
2. bogofilter 0.92.2 TXN announced
3. changes since 0.92.1

1. Bogofilter-0.92.2 has been released.

As David is on vacation, I'm handling this release in his stead,
according to behind-the-scenes negotiations prior to David's departure.

Most importantly, 0.92.2 brings changes in the formatting characters:

%A is the IP Address
%I is the Message-ID
%Q is the queue ID.

It also has a few build and self test ("make check") fixes and cleanups.

The files can be downloaded from the SourceForge site, the URL is: or more directly,

GnuPG signatures are provided at the download location.

Here are the MD5 digests for the release:

6464a25e26a4e06bbe127ddacc0e8164 *bogofilter-0.92.2-1.i586.rpm
459df9d5074b871de6a96bbac27dc673 *bogofilter-0.92.2.tar.bz2
72ce768fe1128a5c556632735730f04b *bogofilter-0.92.2.tar.gz

The -static package has suffered a size increase that is so significant
(several MB) that I cannot offer the -static RPM at this time.
Please apologize for the inconvenience.

The binary RPM requires GLIBC 2.2, BerkeleyDB 4.1, bash installed in
/bin and perl installed in /usr/bin.

2. The TXN (Berkeley DB Transactional Data Store) branch of bogofilter
also has spawned its 0.92.2 release, for download available at

This is the MD5 digest:
2b6c8e139a8a9f3bdcbe9ba8ddbcd1d4 *bogofilter-0.92.2+txn.cvs.tar.bz2

The TXN branch is a technology preview and not recommended for
production. It is supposed to eliminate data base corruption after
system or application crashes or write errors such as disk full or
bumping into quota limits. The main functionality is in place but
recovery and resizing the data base limits aren't yet implemented.

3. Here's a list of changes since bogofilter-0.92.1, the previous release,
common for the baseline and the TXN branch:


0.92.2	2004-07-11

	* Bugfix:  '%I' is now really the Message-ID,
	* Feature: '%Q' is now the queue ID


	* Use an explicit inputs/outputs directory list to avoid shipping test
	  files in those directories.


	* Miscellaneous cleanups, removed 'degen' code remainders.


	* Formatting character changes:
	  '%A' is now the message's IP address.
	  '%I' is now the message's ID.

	* bogofilter-faq.html - corrected editting error that deleted
	  "asian spam" question and added answer to "multi-user"

	* Fix self-test suite ("make check") when bogofilter is compiled
	  with QDBM or TDB as the data base engine.


	* The self-test suite now properly detects valgrind when
	  make check VERBOSE=-x is used.


	* Convert a C99/C++ //-style comment to a /* C-style comment */

	* Fix valgrind self test that still had an obsolete '-f' option.


Matthias Andree
Bogofilter Co-Maintainer
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