procmail recipe [was: FAQ: Asian spam]

David Relson relson at
Thu Mar 27 21:12:52 CET 2003

At 03:03 PM 3/27/03, Clint Adams wrote:
> > First reply???  I don't have it.  I've checked my spam-unreadable folder
> > and have nothing from you in there.
>No, you got it.
> > What wording would you suggest?
>I would avoid implying an absolute correspondence between charset and

Fair enough.

> > Given my limited linguistic abilities, nobody I know would ever use an
> > asian character set to communicate with me.  All the mail I've received in
> > chinese, japanese, or korean has been totally meaningless and I've been
> > willing to consign it to my spam-unreadable folder.  Certainly it is
> > unreadable.  I'll never know whether it's spam or not.
>Well, the attached message would get consigned to your unreadable
>folder, no?  It's not always within the user's power to set the charset.

You may be right about the attached sample.  Certainly I've seen bogofilter 
catch messages that look like asian spam, even though they don't specify a 

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