Bogofilter accuracy plummets starting around March 10, 2010

Dmitry vdb at
Thu Apr 8 09:09:40 UTC 2010

Jonathan Kamens wrote:
> I also fed my entire old ham and spam corpuses through spamitarium and then
> wiped out my word list and recreated it from scratch using the new corpuses.
> In the day since I made these changes, I've gone from 79% accuracy to
> <> >99% accuracy, so either all the spam of
> the type that that was confusing bogofilter has suddenly stopped (unlikely!)
> , or these changes were quite successful.

Dear bogofilter maintainers,

May I ask again to make a config option "do not process invisible 
headers"? It is so obvious that ommiting invisible headers improves 
bogofilter accuracy in spite of what theory says. Why do we need another 
tool like spamitarium just to remove additional work instead of not 
doing that work at all?


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