upgrade to version 0.92.0

jerry jerry at screamer.mydoamin.org
Thu Jul 29 15:31:03 EDT 2004

Hey list:
>From my recent emails, you may have gathered I was, (key word WAS) having 
problems with upgrading to the version 0.92.0 from here's my fix 
for thos that may need some assistance.

Prior to upgrade.
navigate to /etc
cp /etc/bogofilter.cf /etc/orig.bogofilter.cf
rm /etc/bogofilter.cf
I believe there where some unrecognized options from the previous 
installation, causing my emails to be discarded
Unforunatly, I did save those errors:
	bogofilter -Q
> Error - bad parameter 'strict_check=no'
> Error - bad parameter 'thresh_index = 0'
> Error - bad parameter 'thresh_stats = 0.0'
> Error - bad parameter 'thresh_rtable = 0.0'
> Error - bad parameter 'algorithm=fisher'

as per instructions from those in the know, those errors where generated by 
the new version not recognizing those options, I did comment those out and 
they where no longer present.
The new /etc/bogofilter.cf.sample from /usr/share/doc/bogfilter does not 
these lines, so if you simply cp the sample into /etc, you should not have 
any problems.
perform your upgrade to the version you want

(your favorite editor) /etc/bogofilter.cf
adjust to your preferences and liking
I did change ham_cutoff  = 0.10 under CUTOFF Values, this WAS 0.00
the rest of the defaults appear to be working with my installation as of 

Thanks for reading this far,it's been real,it's been fun,
matter of fact, it's been real fun.
Thanks for all the time, effort and most of all the dedication to see this 
program this far, and may it continue to evolve.


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