obsolete and unknown options

David Relson relson at osagesoftware.com
Thu Jul 29 13:40:22 EDT 2004


As some of you may recall, bogofilter-0.16.0 marked a lot of old code
and options as "deprecated" and they were removed in bogofilter-0.17.0.
Occurrences of removed options caused bogofilter to exit with return
code 3 (EX_ERROR).  

This has contributed to loss of mail by 2 people who were using the
removed options, but didn't have proper recovery logic in their
procmail/maildrop scripts. This morning I removed the "unknown option"
error exit and released bogofilter-0.92.4.  With that change, using
obsoleted options (or totally bogus options) generates a message to
stderr and bogofilter runs using the remaining (valid) options.

I should have realized this would be controversial :-<  Now I have
another idea:

Recognize obsoleted options and complain about them, but don't quit.
This will allow people with old config files and procmail/maildrop
scripts to run with no problem worse than annoying messages on stderr. 
Updating of scripts and config file will remove the annoying messages.

Complain about unknown (never been valid) options and exit, as there's
no reason to accept bogus, never used options.

What think you all?


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