Prediction [was: spam addrs]

Tom Anderson tanderso at
Thu Jul 1 07:33:54 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 04:32, Peter Bishop wrote:
> Could I suggest that you let the *end user* specify the format of the
> MTA Received line?

Yes!  This is what I endorsed from the beginning.  I think that this
parsing is too complex for bogofilter.  The user should capture this at
the MTA or run a regex from the MDA to get this info.  Putting the
parsing code into bogofilter is unnecessary creature feep.


> e.g. if the user wants the line processed
> 1) specify the received line template for *their* specific MTA
> 2) extract the required addrees
> 3) insert a special header line into the message:
> e.g. the template:
> ^Received: from .*  \[([0-9\.].+)\] 	by .*
> would be suffificient for my MTA, and this could be mapped to:
> MTA-IP-Address: $1
> This could be processed and scored by bogofilter in the normal way.
> The MTA received line processing could be done using procmail and 
> formail before bogofilter is called.
> Alternatively something like spamitarium could easily be modifed to
> do a similar job.
> OR maybe bogofilter could allow a user-specified MTA template, 
> e.g. specified as an option in
> to identify the required IP address field. 
> This would need some template matching code in bogofilter, 
> but maybe we could just invoke a standard regex library.
> To allow for different MTAs, you could leave some commented out 
> templates in the config file for the user to select, 
> But if the MTA is not in the list he can still "roll his own"

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